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We love beautiful gemstones, by selecting our stones personaly in various countries. We provide a very wide variety and good quality. Below is a list of stones that we sell or have sold.


gems and their effects : an alphabetical list


eliminates and transforms negative energies. is eloquent, serious, balanced. soothes, comforts and harmonises. stimulates digestion. cures skin diseases.


has a powerful filter effect; protects against mobile phone radiation and protects against electromagnetic pollution. calms brains and nervous systems. brings male and female energies in balance. open heart and throat chakras to expired. loving communication enhances intuition.


(= fossilized tree resin) earthing effect, absorbs negative feelings. is vital. against depression, anxiety and severe fatigue. asthma, arthritis, infections, bladder infections. rejuvenating. helps children with teething.


powerful and protective stone. converts energy into love. gives calmness, inner peace and balance. helps with migraine and other types of headaches and insomnia. strengthens liver and eyes, promotes spiritual growth. relaxes the neck muscles and shoulder blades. Against addictions like smoking and drinking, and helps to soften burns.


powerful combination of amethyst and citrine. reduceer mental stress and tension and calms the mind. stimulates creativity. raises blockages and stimulates optimism. strenghtens the immune system and dispels depression.


working at the interface between consciousness and matter, and thereby promotes a humanitarian attitude. encourages to be extrovert stimulates creativity and intellect. softens grief and anger and reduces irritability. heals bones and stimulates calcium absorption and metabolism.


friendship stone with soothing energies. reduces stress, gives responsibility, sharpens intuition, protects the throat area from swollen glands, asthma, allergies and eczema. calms overreactions of the immune system. (such as hay fever)


restores spiritual confidence, and brings more unconditional love in your life. stimulates the immune system, purifies the kidneys. dispels fears. opens the throat chakra and encourages self-expression. against stress and calms the nervous system.


also called “jade of india”. soothes stress. gives peace and self-control. against all skin diseases, eczema and itching. promotes growth: both mentally and physically. brings balance; good for restless children.

blue agate

(blue lace agate) healing stone with a gentle energy, calming. good healer for the throat area, frees blocked self-expression.

botswana agate

beneficial for people who want to quit smoking. encourages you to look for solutions. helps to get things in a broader context, stimulates blood circulation, helps with depression.


cleanser of energy. removes stagnant energy from the body, connects emotions with intellect and thus creates emotional intelligence. encourages communication and relieves stress. positive healing proces; carries away toxins, good for immune system, strenghtens bones.


gives entrepreneurial spirit, warmth and makes positive. gives confidence. protector against envy, anger and resentment. soothes. cramps, fever, infections, diabetes and low blood pressure. dispels nightmares and promotes fine dreams.


absorbs negative energy. creates harmony between mind, body, emotions and soul. helps with depression. make cheerful and thoughtful. shed confidence.


encourages communication, kindness and tolerance. helps with arthritis, back pain, digestive problems, lung problems, cramps and depression. gives confidence and bring emotions into balance.


bringing you personal insight. encourages creativity, makes practical and balanced. soothes and reduces the tendency to judge and encourage yourself and accept others. heals the ‘inner child’. normalizes blood pressure. strengthens the eyes and heart. facilitates childbirth.


stone of abundance, prosperity and success that citrine attracts. powerful cleaner and repairer. warms and gives a lot of energy and joy. good aura protector does tiredness disappear. increased self-confidence makes merry and bright. nervine, well in exams etc.

fire opal

enhances energy stirs inner fire and protects against danger. favorable for change and progress; helps ideas and decisions (right) in action to convert. excellent stone to make of the past. is spontaneously. promotes the functioning of the intestines, kidneys, and adrenal glands. gives the body more energy.


offer much protection. effective against electromagnetic radiation. protects against negative energy and stress. it cleanses, purifies, dispels and reorganizes anything in the body that is not perfect or right. It is the best crystal to restore disorganization. increases intuition and brings stability. increases concentration. helps in healing of infections, relieves arthritis and rheumatism.
– blue: enhances creative thinking and orderly and clear communication.
– golden: enhances creativity, give wisdom and insight.
– purple: let psychic communication accompanied by common sense.
– white: creates harmony between intellect and spirit, energizes aura.
– green: soothing, let excess energy flows into the earth. absorbs negative energies.


green jasper with red spots, also called bloodstone. excellent blood cleanser and energy. improves intuition and creativity. grounding effect and protects against negative influences. calms the mind and removes confusion. stimulates the immune system and the digestive process.


harmonizes body, mind and soul. protects against negative energies. gives courage, strength and concentration. has a strong earth strength. good against overeating and smoking. promotes peaceful sleep. purifies the blood and low blood pressure and calf cramps.


calming, against insomnia. you learn to have patience,strenghens memory and desire for knowledge. patience brings emotions to rest. brings calcium in the body in balance.


symbol of purity and serenity. protects against injury. dream stone; creates dreams full of insights. promotes wisdom, justice, charity, humility and courage. against kidney ailments. promoted fertility, helps with childbirth.


support during stress and gives peace. absorbs negative energy, bring yin and yang in balance. learn determination, assertiveness, thinking quickly. supports blood circulation and digestion. detoxifies, gives understanding and good sleep.


formed from fossilized wood and looks like coal. protective stone. removes negative energy and relieves anxiety. stabilize finances and business interests. neutralizes mood, relieves depression and provides stability and balance. good for migraine, epilepsy and colds.


protects against negative influences. keeps you in touch with yourself, gives confidence, brings hidden talents to light, healing from illness, is hypotensive. calms an overactive mind, circulatory and heart rhythm. regulates digestion and relieves stress and rheumatism.

lapis lazuli

friendship stone. enhances love, intuition and self-confidence. promotes self-awareness, helps you to see the truth. eyes helps you bring. feelings into words against depression, nervousness and depression. good for the hair, heart, blood and skin. gives relaxing sleep. attracts good energy and keeps bad energy away.


radiates love and peace and promotes tranquility. gives spiritual strength. and creates calmness and balance. facilitates the healing of a wounded heart. removes blockages and restrictions. relieves guilt and raises anxiety. creates serenity, clarity and constructive thinking. stimulates creativity. makes your ‘inner child’ wake.


clears electromagnetic pollution from computers. removes blockages in the body. relieves stress and depression. putting an end to obsessions, despair takes off and helps with sleep disorders. stabilizes mood swings. supports the lifting of addictions.


encourages love for yourself and others. helps you feel centered. brings all forms of self-deception to light. creates a positive life attitude. has a calming effect. supports people who are nervous and afraid. detoxifies, relieves cramps and relaxes the muscles. promotes proper metabolism, stimulates vochtafdrijving, strengthens the nervous system.


an important protective stone. takes negative energy and polluted substances easily from the atmosphere and from the body. provides protection against all kinds of radiation. electromagnetic pollution cleans and heals the earth energies. opens the heart to unconditional love. life becomes more intense with this stone. against arthritis, rheumatism and joint pain. helps with menstrual pain and disorders. helps with diabetes and eye disorders.


= australian jasper, encourages mobility and helps in making the right choice. strengthens the immune system, and purifies the blood.


female stone. strongly associated with the moon and intuition. makes aware of the unconscious. promotes intuition and empathy, soothes, brings emotions calm and attracts love energy. helps with infertility and harmonises digestion, hormonal and menstrual disorders.

moss agate

helps to see beauty. symbolizes a new beginning and the lifting of blockades. gives harmony and clarity of mind. strengthens the immune system, is anti-inflammatory. gives sense of connection with nature and provides the forces of nature in yourself. promotes a smooth delivery.


making the unconscious conscious. puts powers of the mind into conscious vigor. has purifying properties. protects against negativity. teaches you to discover who you really are. helps to cleanse the blood, detoxifies, stimulates digestion. relieves pain from arthritis and joint problems. harmonizing cooperation between the hemispheres. sharpens your view. helps with addictions. good meditation stone.

– mahogany obsidian: friendly energy that resonates with the earth, ensures proper grounding, raising energy blockages, stimulates growth on all levels. relieves pain and improves blood circulation.

– rainbow obsidian: has potent protective properties. absorb the negative energy from the aura, remove stress from the body.

– silver obsidian: mirror of the inner self, brings patience and perseverance. good for meditation.

– snowflake obsidian: you learn to appreciate your mistakes like your successes. creates balance in body, soul and spirit. promotes calmness and inner centering.

ocean jasper

Also known as “atlantis stone”. stone of renewal and strength. helps you to love yourself and others. helps to address change and to service humanity, creates balance. the stone is patient and positive and makes you take responsibility for yourself. relieves stress and supports the immune system, circulatory and lymphatic and digestive system. beneficial for tumors, gum infections, eczema, colds and housing problems.

olivine – peridot

protective stone for the aura. powerful cleaner. worry, guilt or obsessions are cleared. raises negative patterns, and gives confidence. strengthens the heart. gives inspiration. protects against negativity. relieves stress, jealousy, resentment and anger. motivates growth and sharpens the mind. can improve. troubled relationships enhances metabolism. good for the skin.


gives strength and provides support in difficult situations and stress. lets you listen to your inner voice and gives confidence. promotes concentration. relieves anxieties and fears and learn to make wise decisions. protects against accidents. makes serious and balanced. strengthens the sense of reality. strong grounding stone. good for teeth, bones, bone marrow and the feet. helps with blood disorders.


protective stone. enhances spontaneity, good for people closed. encourages originality and creativity. enhances hope and confidence. is associated with love, passion, desire and eroticism. strengthens the will to live. improves the memory and purifies blood and kidneys.


attracts love and friendship. gives consolation in grief and unresolved conflicts.

peridot – olivine

protective stone for the aura. powerful cleaner. worry, guilt or obsessions are cleared. raises negative patterns, and gives confidence. strengthens the heart. gives inspiration. protects against negativity. relieves stress, jealousy, resentment and anger. motivates growth and sharpens the mind. can improve. troubled relationships enhances metabolism. good for the skin.


block negative energy and pollutants at all levels. relieves anxiety and frustration. increased confidence and self esteem. improves memory. strengthens liver, nervous system, respiratory tract, throat chakra, and gives more resistance. good for blood circulation and digestion.

red garnet

represents love and devotion. gives a lot of energy and purifies energy. is matched to the heart energy. sharpens perception, solves unhelpful behavior patterns, strengthens willpower and heart. gives perseverance and comfort in depression. boost the confidence keeps anger in check.


stone of the sun and the heart. overcomes fears into perspective and gives confidence, energy and concentration. against terrestrial radiation, and back problems and balance disorders.


stimulates the creativity of the soul. facilitates changes. hold firmly rooted in the here and now, and encourages you to leave the past and move forward. gives strength in difficult situations and bring emotions into balance. against rashes and infections.


creates a dynamic and positive attitude. represents selfless love and compassion. attracts love energy. teaches the heart to accept without closing it. painful feelings increased self-esteem and reduces emotional stress. circulatory and kidney cleanses, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate.


stabilizes emotions and nurtures love. heals emotional wounds, and provides forgiveness. protects against negative energy. promotes calmness and brings all the energies in balance. gives confidence. helps in inflammation of the joints, arthritis, stomach ulcers, and ms.

rose quartz

friendship stone; opens the heart and promotes unconditional love and love to draw. existing relationships will restore trust and harmony rose quartz. replaces negative energy with loving vibrations. is reassuring. good emotional healer. frees repressed emotions and grief. encourages to forgive yourself and to accept and give confidence. helps with dizziness and good for the kidneys. soothes burns, helps with alzheimer’s, dementia and parkinsonism.

ruby crystal

gives strength and energy to live, creates balance. helps you to maintain. wealth and passion eliminates negative energy. detoxifies the body, blood and lymph. beneficial for the heart and circulatory system, kidneys, spleen and reproductive organs.

rutile quartz

dispels negative energy and let go of the past. helpful for therapists because it filters out negative energy from clients. softens gloomy moods. relieves anxiety and fear. promotes forgiveness at all levels. beneficial in chronic diseases, helps combat fatigue and loss of energy. stimulates growth.


calm stone that gives deep rest. suitable for meditation or other spiritual activities. gives you clear insights, raises confusion, stabilize erratic emotions. against seizures and neutralizes mercury poisoning from amalgam.


grounding stone, helping you get more. grip on your life brings emotion and spirit into balance. good for cleansing and detoxifying the body. expels parasites and aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.


has a great protective effect. ensures clear psychic visions. beneficial for all minor ailments because it brings the body back into balance.


stone of calm, charm, kindness and favorable results. reduces stress. ideal stone for anyone who has had a difficult childhood. it heals the ‘inner child’. softens and takes emotional pain. supports leadership qualities. provides support in difficult relationships, resolve unpleasant situations. good for immune and digestive system.

smoky quartz

effective grounding stone. protective stone with powerful bond with the earth; promotes caring for the environment and ecological solutions. helps relieve stress, helps to get through difficult times. absorbs electromagnetic radiation. you learn to let go of what no longer serves loose. relieves depression. increases potency stirs passion on. promotes positive, pragmatic thinking and provides sharp insights. helps with communication problems. effective in diseases of abdomen, hips and legs. relieves headaches.


deep blue with white veins; unites logic with intuition. creates a desire for truth and idealism. lets you be true to yourself. against electromagnetic pollution. creates harmony and solidarity, promotes trust and camaraderie. raises mental confusion. calms the mind. promotes self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence. good balance in metabolism and digestion.


love stone that represents spiritual love. can bring light and love in dark situations. opens all chakras to the power of love. this stone can find answers to questions like; „why am I here ‚who am I’ … encourages loving communication. overcome learning disabilities and helps well in autism. relieves pain and fear. beneficial for cancer patients.

tiger eye

protective stone. helps you to achieve goals. gives confidence. relieves depression and brings energy balance. tiger into perspective, against cold, colds, skin and eye diseases. against negative influences, jealousy, asthma and breathlessness. promotes responsibility.

tourmaline quartz

effective grounding stone. effective for everyone who ‘tangled’ is due to stress, let tension. transforms negative thoughts and energies into positive. gives confidence and self esteem.


powerful spiritual healer. cleanses and purifies the energy and chakras. promotes self-confidence and reduces anxiety. brings the two hemispheres of the brain in balance. turn negative thought patterns into positive.


protected and gives happiness. enhances intuition. dispels negative energy and electromagnetic stress. creates empathy and balance. calm down if you need to speak in public. promotes vigor. good protector when traveling or in the car. relieves spasms and pain. stimulates immune system. well against viral infections. beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis.


brings emotions in balance with spirituality. soothes. contributes to recovery from serious illness, accounting for reproductive organs, promotes healthy pregnancy.


brings joy, vitality, optimism and good humor. intuition is sharpened. cleanses all chakras. good stone if you have trouble getting ‘no’ to say. stimulates your own strength and independence. gives confidence. harmonizes all organs. well in autumn and winter depression and helps with rheumatism.
 thanks to the information from ‘crystal guide’ by Judy Hall
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